Children's Vegan Book, Stan the Plant-eater

Stan the Plant-eater

Is it possible to be a young child and love plant-based foods? It sure is, and Stan of Stan the Plant-eater is a shining example. Stan the Plant-eater is a fun and entertaining book that is simple and to-the-point for young children. Through the use of rhythmic poetry, children are encouraged to eat whole plant-based foods and be friends with animals.

Stan is a young boy who is a compassionate, kind and loving role-model very excited about healthy food and eating lots of it. But there are some things that he just won't eat. Stan the Plant-eater presents the message of health and non-violence in a style that captures the hearts and laughter of children.

Children's Book, Stan the Plant-eater: A Trip to the Garden

Stan the Plant-eater: A Trip to the Garden

Stan returns in this rhythmic and poetic journey. He sure does love to eat plants and this time he is taking a journey to the garden to put together a meal. Stan encounters a few obstacles along the way, but never ceases to have fun. What plants from the garden will he bring into the kitchen? What meal will he prepare? All we know is that it will be one healthy whole food plant-based meal!

Join Stan on his garden journey!

Children's Fruit Book Stan the Plant eater: A Trip to the Fruit Market

Stan the Plant-eater: A Trip to the Fruit Market

Stan is heading on another exciting adventure! This time, he is traveling with mom to the vibrant fruit market.  Stan loves to eat plants and fruits are his favorite.  What fruits will he encounter? Find out some of Stan’s favorite fruits and discover just how much he loves fruit.  Children who join Stan on his journey may find themselves loving fruit just as much!

Children's Eco Vegan Book, Sunflower Kid

Sunflower Kid

An open-minded, young boy embraces new experiences and a new way of living.  This is exactly what happens to Sunflower Kid on his weekend visit with his aunt and uncle.  In this rhythmic and poetic journey, Sunflower Kid explores an Earth-conscious lifestyle where he learns about a yurt home, solar power, composting toilets, plant-based eating, growing food, and yoga.  In his journey, Sunflower Kid encounters a wise, animated sunflower who provides him with knowledge about kindness to animals.  Young readers are able to visually and poetically experience an alternative possibility where less harm is caused to the Earth and animals. Sunflower Kid is truly an emphasis of a harmonious lifestyle that will appeal to anyone. It allows a very important message, one of compassion and whole food plant-based living, to flow within the minds of all who are blessed with its creative narrative.


Sloth Boy

A vacation to the rainforest turns into a spectacular and unforeseen adventure.

In this magical learning experience, a young boy visits an eco-resort and encounters new tropical fruits and ways to live consciously on the Earth.  Along the way, he meets a rainforest friend who shows him how the food he eats impacts the health of the rainforest and the beautiful species who call it home.

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Children's Ocean Vegan Book, Dolphin Girl

Dolphin Girl

Ride the waves of adventure with a young girl who embarks on an exciting ocean vacation with her Grandpa and Granny.  It becomes a life-learning experience that she will never forget. On her journey, Dolphin Girl witnesses how overfishing and pollution greatly harm the ocean. She quickly discovers, from the ocean itself, that her choices, such as what she eats, have a significant impact.  Dolphin Girl learns what it truly means to be a steward of the ocean and Earth.


Ty's Organic Adventure

Join Ty on a fun and educational journey about the importance of choosing organic plant foods. It all begins at the grocery store where Ty learns how to identify produce that is organic. His mom continues the adventure by taking him to observe and compare a conventional farm with Farmer Dwayne’s abundant organic farm that is teaming with life. Ty has an enlightening experience by seeing the vast difference and is excited to choose organic plant foods.